Funding Opportunities

  • Working together with both industry and philanthropic foundations, Ramot forges mutually satisfying partnerships that result in enabling promising research to continue and thus lay the groundwork for marketable products to be further developed.
    Whether working with corporate funders, philanthropic foundations or individuals, Ramot tailors agreements to meet each party's diverse goals. Below are several examples that illustrate various funding arrangements

    Industry-Sponsored Applied Research Funds Program -          

                                                                 Premium Access to Marketable Discoveries

    In conjunction with TAU, Ramot runs an Industry-Sponsored Applied Research Funds program. Companies in various industries become Corporate Partners by funding research in their fields of interest. This affords them direct access to world-class research, the results of which can be transformed into marketable products. Corporate Partners benefit by expanding their innovation pipeline via exposure to academic research while reducing their risk through strategic allocation of their resources.

    The Technology Innovation Momentum Fund

    The Technology Innovation Momentum Fund (Momentum Fund) is the most recent of Ramot's funds to become operational.
    The Momentum Fund, with an oversubscribed level of investment of $23.5 million, invests in promising breakthrough technologies in a wide range of fields, including pharmaceuticals,
    healthcare, high-tech and the physical sciences.
    Out of more than 80 applications submitted to the fund, eleven projects were selected - six at the first round and additional 5 at the second round, with a total approved budget of approximately 11 million NIS.

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    The Colton Family Next Generation Technologies Institute
    Based on a donation from the Colton family, with partial matching funds from Johnson & Johnson (J&J), this plan has funded nine projects to date, with additional projects under funding consideration..

    The Miles Nadal Institute for Technological Entrepreneurship  
    This new fund will support promising research that hold the potential for discovering novel processes or technologies that can lead to valuable, marketable products.

    Tel Aviv University Future Technology Partnership (TAU-TECH)
    Initiated in 2003 with $8.5 M invested in pre-selected technologies, this is a first-of-its-kind partnership between a major Israeli university and global private equity investors. Funding seven technologies in the biotechnology, medical device, and energy domains, three license agreements have been executed with additional agreements in process.

    Tel Aviv University Fund for Applied Research
    Based on a philanthropic donation, this plan was set up for a six year period and has funded 43 projects. Projects chosen have great potential with regard to their intellectual property position and commercialization paths, as well as well-defined development plans. To date, these highly promising projects have achieved the prototype stage or proof-of-concept stage at a standard acceptable by the industry. Some of these projects have already been partnered, while others form a significant part of Ramot’s commercialization pipeline.

    Ramot invites inquiries from industrial companies seeking access to TAU cutting-edge research and innovations. Philanthropic foundations or individuals interested in funding research aligned with their goals in a specific area are also encouraged to find out more.
    Ramot connects funders to TAU cutting-edge research with defined development plans that can ultimately contribute to society.