Companies and Spinoffs

  • Variantyx Ltd.

    Variantyx Ltd in a joint venture with the Functional Genomics Laboratory at the Tel Aviv University Sackler School of Medicine, offers clinical grade, end-to-end genome analysis services to physicians and hospitals worldwide. Variantyx clinical grade, end-to-end genome analysis services, have demonstrated remarkable clinical decision supporting results to physicians and hospitals since 2010. These services are based on a patented pending method developed by Dr. Noam Shomron at the Functional Genomic Laboratory at the Tel-Aviv University, and built on a cutting edge computational infrastructure for rapid and reliable analysis.

  • SynVaccine Ltd.

    Synvaccine is the platform for designing and fabricating designer viruses for biotechnology. Not the bad kind, the kind that make the world a better place. Viruses are critical components of the medical, agriculture, food and diagnostics industries. It's time we make them safer and better.
    The company has been established around a technology developed by Dr. Tamir Tuller.

  • Tracense

    Tracense develops best-in-class explosives detectors powered by ground-breaking nano-technology innovations.
    Our sensors detect with unsurpassed performance all known explosives, as well as narcotics, chemical and biological threats.
    The company has been established around a technology developed by Prof. Fernando Patolsky.

  • Mental Heal

    Mental Heal is developing a novel antipsychotic drug, PGW-5, for the treatment of schizophrenia and bipolar disorders. PGW-5 is a multi-functional drug, with a potential efficacy for the treatment of both positive and negative symptoms of schizophrenia and schizophrenia-related cognitive deficits as well as for mood disorders.
    The company has been established around a technology developed by Prof. Portnoy Moshe, Prof. Weizman Avraham and Dr. Gil-Ad Irit

  • Assembrix Ltd.

    Software solutions aimed at improving 3D printing manufacturing

  • Belkin Laser

    BELKIN Laser is developing a unique one-second glaucoma laser treatment, aimed at revolutionizing access to glaucoma care, by becoming the first-line choice for glaucoma therapy for every patient, all over the world.

    The company has been established around the technology developed by Prof. Michael Belkin & Dr. Mordechai Goldenfeld.

  • BGProtect

    Internet Protocol monitoring for security applications

  • BrainStorm Cell Therapeutic

    BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics - BrainStorm (NASDAQ:BCLI) is a biotechnology company developing innovative, autologous stem cell therapies for highly debilitating neurodegenerative diseases such as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease), Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Parkinson’s Disease (PD).
    The company has been established around the technology of Prof. Eldad Melamed and Prof. Daniel Offen.

  • CardioLogic Innovations Ltd.

    CardioLogic Innovations Ltd. addresses the multi-billion dollar Heart Failure market looking for a solution to improve patient care and reduce Acute Heart Failure hospitalizations and readmissions, the #1 Medicare cost driver in the U.S.
    The Company has been established around a technology developed by Prof. Shimon Abboud.

  • CoreBone Ltd.

    CoreBone Ltd. is developing bioactive bone substitute for dental and orthopedic applications based on a technology for growing corals in a strictly controlled coral farm environment, including adding specific materials to give the coral special bioactive properties. These unique properties will encourage new bone development, penetration of new blood vessels into the coral cavities and the growth of young cells – for faster healing and stronger bone support.
    The Company has been established around a technology developed by Mr. Ohad Schwartz and Prof. Binderman Itzhak.
  • EnStorage

    EnStorage was founded in 2008 to commercialize low cost flow batteries based on Hydrogen Bromine technology refined by Prof. Emanuel Peled at Tel-Aviv University. Backed by leading private equity and venture capital investors, the EnStorage team has advanced the technology into a fully functioning energy storage system.

  • EnzySurge Ltd.

    EnzySurge, an Israeli company, was established by Prof. Amihay Freeman in the year 2001. Prof. Freeman has brought together an impressive team of field leaders in medical technologies such as Bio-chemical Engineering, Bio Chemistry, Nano Bio-technology, Micro Biology and Bio-Pharm – in order to specialize in producing proprietary innovative solutions for the global Chronic Wound Care market. The company’s products accelerate natural wound healing processes, and  are targeted at  outpatients in both  long term and homecare settings.

  • ExceeMatrix Ltd.

    ExceeMatrix is a medical device company focused on utilizing high-tensile strength collagen for ligament and tendon repair.
    ‏ExceeMatrix develops novel high-strength collagen medical devices based on fibers derived from soft corals. These fibers exhibit impressive tensile strength that is greater than human connective tissue properties. The company has been established around a technology developed by Pros. Benayahu Yehuda, Prof. Benayhu Dafna, Prof. Haj Ali Rami, Prof. Kashman Yoel and Prof. Lanir Yoram.

  • NeuroPhage Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

    Neurophage mission is to develop therapies for protein misfolding diseases, such as chronic diseases of aging and certain orphan indications by harnessing GAIM (General Amyloid Interaction Motif), a novel, multi-target approach that reduces levels of pathological misfolded protein deposits.
    The company has been established around a technology developed by Prof. Beka Solomon.

  • PV Nano Cell Ltd.

    Standing at the forefront of the industry, PV Nano Cell has developed state-of-the-art conductive inks that meet and exceed the demands of printed electronics inkjet applications for customers worldwide. The company has a license to a technology developed by Prof. Gil Markovitz.

  • Quiet Therapeutics

    Quiet Therapeutics is developing a new class of cancer therapeutics called GAGomers.
    GAGomer breakthrough therapeutic nanoparticles are unique in their ability to target certain types of cancers that overexpress a specific membrane protein. Once the Gagomers target the specific cancer cells, they deliver a therapeutic payload that leads to  killing of the cancer cells.
    The company has been established around a technology developed by Prof. Rimona Margalit & Prof. Dan Pe'er.