With diligence and care, and the expertise gained from patenting hundreds of inventions and subsequently crafting licensing agreements, Ramot serves the interests of TAU faculty, students and researchers. It protects the valuable fruits of their research and promotes further development and commercialization of important discoveries that benefit society.


Ramot activities and services include:
•    Evaluating the patentability of, and securing patent protection for inventions
•    Attracting industry partners to further develop discoveries and inventions
•    Generating industry support for research projects such as Nofar or Magneton

At a later stage, Ramot negotiates, concludes and enforces research and license agreements with industry to ensure the appropriate development and commercialization of TAU technologies.
It negotiates and concludes material transfer agreements (MTA) and confidential disclosure agreements (CDA) to enable sharing of materials and confidential information with academic and industry collaboration partners.
Ramot also provides expert advice with respect to consulting agreements.

Ramot urges faculty, students and researchers to seek their advice and assistance regarding any questions about a technology or invention developed in their TAU lab.
For more Information, Please contact Dr. Shulamit Hirsch.